Yoga At Home With Anna

Day by day, we discover new ways to wear our Fall-Winter designs, so we were surprised and beyond thrilled, to see Anna Zorzou, our beloved yoga teacher, who is quite the name around the globe right now, wearing our collection around the house, practicing and doing her yoga classes.

Blue knit

Anna practices yoga everyday. it is essential for her well-being and the nourishing of her mind, body and soul. she wears our soft knit deux-pieces in blue and moves easily around the house, while remaining cozy & warm. Check it out online here in other colours as well

Anna is utterly happy and HARMONICAL after her savasana. Even on the days she feels a bit chilly, she has her grey fleece cape to wrap around her body and complete her practice. Make sure to explore more options with warm pieces here.

Namaste 🙏

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