Outfits For A Zoom Meeting

What To Wear In A Zoom Meeting

Going through a pandemic like the one we're going through at the moment, we need to find new ways to make things happen. People will still need to work and will still need to look for new jobs, opportunities and openings. Adjusting at hard times is the key factor to reach success, so zoom interviews are the hottest trend of the season. That is why, we thought that it would be nice to give you a list of things to take under consideration before your appointment.

First of all, you don't want to exaggerate with the make-up and hair, but we suggest that a clean face with good, solid foundation is important. Add depth to your eyes and keep your lips in a nude shade preferably. Make sure your face is visible, so do not let hair falling in front of your eyes. They would want to take a good look at you and your confidence, and of course, you wouldn't want to be annoyed all the time by that tuft of hair.

Do not leave turned on the TV or any loud music, because that would seem disrespectful towards the interviewers. Also, if you have kids running and playing around the house, try to avoid that during the interview, because they would need to see you focused for the task. Have a cup of coffee, water or tea next to you, in case you feel thirsty or you need to take a sip, but don't overdo it.

Last, but not least, we saved for you the sensitive matter of clothing. We know, it is a common joke nowadays with people wearing office clothes on top of their pjs or joggers, but we think that is the biggest mistake one could make at a job interview via zoom.

What To Wear In A Zoom Meeting

This is where we jump in with three suggestions from our "Contemporary Reformation" Fall-Winter 2020 collection:

1. A comfortable, soft dress that will show your professional side
2. A lace shirt with high-waisted trousers to show how committed you are to this job
3. A blazer with its matching trousers to bring out the girlboss you've been hiding all along

We hope that this mini guide was helpful and that you may dazzle them with your characteristics and qualifications! Good luck girl!

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