Valentine's Day Outfits

Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching and we were obliged to serve you, ladies, with the best tips and of course, looks for a quiet evening. Obviously, if you want to go for something bigger, fine by us, but given the situation, we thought that spending the night under candlelight with your other significant or your bestie, would be perfect.

Here's a list of tips for a magical night whether you're super in love or you're super bored:

  • Stock on candles. You don't have to have a romantic lovers' night to lit a ton of candles. Candles create a mystical atmosphere that relaxes you. 
  • Whether you're cooking or ordering take-out, make sure it's something you loooove. V-Day is all about celebrating love with the people we love, so why don't you enjoy your food as well?
  • Pick out a few movies or make a mixtape. Boardgames sound good too if you're more than 3 people. Whichever you fancy the most
  • Don't neglect your look. Whether you're dining with your lover or having a slumber party with your bestie, our team has prepped four looks to dress you on this year's Valentine's day.
Scroll down for some inspirational looks that we put together.

Velvet Floral Set

THE CO-ORD SET LOOK introduces our brand new velvet set with a pair of high-waisted trousers and a kimono both with floral embroidery.

THE SMART CHIC LOOK is all about combining our classic vegan leather trousers with our beloved lace shirt for a more composed look.

Lace dress

THE FEMININE ROMANCE LOOK is a great choice of a cute little lace dress that will accompany the romantic atmosphere of the evening. 

THE LAIDBACK, BUT SEXY LOOK is the perfect option for a girls' night in, gazing at movie stories, eating pizza and cookies. Features our soft velvet pants & kimono with a magnificent animal print. 

Shop your look in time for the day and enjoy a secure delivery by DHL Express.

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