Self-Care Tips

Spending time solemnly at home, definitely leaves extra time for the care of your body, mind and soul. That is why we decided to prepare this hand written guide from our team, in order to give you a little push in taking care of yourself.

Whether you're taking painting classes, trying out photography or practicing some yoga, make sure you read our guide below: 

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Whenever you feel stiff or stressed, practice some yoga, stretch and gain control of your body by offering it a calming practice. especially. it is a great opportunity to switch off your phone for a bit, lit some candles and pop those smooth tunes on your Spotify.

Make sure you get a good night's sleep every day by fulfilling an eight-hour sleep. long baths before going to sleep help reduce stress and anxiety. make the time for yourself, do some sheet masks, use your jade roller wisely and throw that shower bomb into the bathtub, girl.

Do not be afraid to take up on some new hobbies. try out painting even though you have no clue about it. just grab a brush and give it a try. finish that book on your nightstand and trust us, you'll love it in the end. plant your plants, speak to them, take care of them. buy a disposable camera and on that evening walk of yours, take some snaps.

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