One Outfit - 3 Body Types

When designing clothes, our team always thinks one step ahead. We never wish to create something for one particular type of body. We want all of our clothes to embrace all types of women bodies and to be embraced by all women. 

Skinny ones, slim ones, curvy ones, plus-size ones. Every single type of female body is our goal. So, you cannot imagine our happiness when the first drafts of our knit co-ord sets were perfectly created for all body types. Don't believe us? Continue reading for more!

Marketa is one breath away before bringing a beautiful baby girl into this world, and even though she wishes to walk around comfortable, she certainly needs to look stylish too. That is why our three-piece look is the perfect option for her. The pants hug her belly, the turtleneck keeps her warm and the long cardigan creates the cozy vibe she needs.

Valeria is our super fit girl with abs showing off, if you look closely. She wants clothes that will bring out her sculpted body and our three-piece is the one. The clothes hug the body just as they should be and even though, Valeria wears layers of clothes, still she manages to look firm and sexy all the way. 

Stephanie proves that being curvy is natural and being able to wear the exact same outfit as the girls above, proves that our atelier has made their magic again. Every female body has its perks and these clothes underline this girl's feminine physique in the most healthy way.

Find all our three-piece knits HERE.

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