Office Attire

Going to work will be one of the things that will probably not be unsettled throughout this fall-winter, so our job was to create a plethora of different everyday looks perfect for office occasions. We designed a suit, a few casual dresses, two more of these with a bit glam and of course lots of trousers and turtlenecks to make you feel cozy on the days you wish you'd work remotely. Read below for some inspiration and of course, click here for our entire OFFICE ATTIRE collection

Shift Dress

There's no lady without a chic dress hanging in her wardrobe, beautifully worn with blocked-heeled boots and a stunning fake-fur coat. If that's you, then you need this dress.

Who doesn't love good, old, casual fridays? They might be fewer than before, but it's still a great opportunity to wear your wrap pants made from our super warm fabric and paired with a cozy turtleneck sweater. We wish that every day was Friday and we could wear this look.

If you ever hear someone saying that suits are a man's job, then cut them off. Or just buy our power suit and show everyone how powerful an androgynous outfit looks on women. Oversized with a soft fabric, this chocolate shade blazer and trousers will be your inextricable piece for this winter.

Are you a preppy chic look admirer? Where you brought up with Gossip Girl on tv? Well, we've managed to create an outfit that would be perfect for you. The cutest plaid mini skirt with the thick buttons is all you need for that college vibe look you've wanted. Throw a turtleneck sweater from our collection and you're ready to roll around Upper East Side. 

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