Mix & Match Your VH Pieces

Mix & Match VH Pieces

It's not just a trend. We couldn't just sit around and observe. Brands all over the world are giving their point of view about sustainable philosophy. Now, it's our turn to share our perspective on that matter. Taking care of our planet is crucial, reducing our carbon footprint is pressing, and of course, not overspending money on too many clothes is one of the ways to achieve that. So, we wanted to give you a new, refreshed take on our Contemporary Reformation designs. We picked out some of our most-wanted pieces and decided to combine them differently in order to inspire you to wear your VH garments in many ways!

Just a suggestion: You don’t have to buy more clothes, you can just play around and be innovative about the way you wear them. 

Our vegan leather pants are among our favorite pieces for the season, but we wanted to make the most out of them. Instead of always going for the total leather look, we thought that it was time we gave a chance to a crossover crop top. Our mustard yellow ribbed one was a perfect choice, since the warm tones of them both compliment each other. Plus, this top accentuates the figure that the trousers create.

Vegan Leather Trousers

Our preppy mini dress is always a go-to for everyday looks, whether you're going to the office or need to impress in a zoom meeting. But if you need a new way to wear it, you can always add a turtleneck sweater which will never be out of fashion. Creating layers makes the clothes look more interesting and of course, they keep you warm and cozy. 

Preppy Mini Dress

Our folder-stripped trousers were kind of overlooked the past few weeks, but guess what! We brought them back, thanks to Valeria and her exquisite looks. We created a total British rock look with a pair of army boots and our beloved, soft and fuzzy grey turtleneck sweater. It was one of these moments when we realized that simplicity is the key.

Folder Stripped Trousers

Our plaid midi skirt with the daring front slit got a brand new vibe when we dressed it down. We put our boots and all kinds of heels in the closet and we added our trusty biker boots. Biker boots offer comfort and a really cool and laid-back look. Especially, when we paired it with our plain turtleneck sweater and threw on Valeria our new long same-toned cardigan, the look was completed. Who said that plaid skirts are only office attire? 

Plaid Mini Skirt & Long Cardigan

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