Matching Your VH Favorites


matching scrunchies


Going through these hard times it's tricky, we are utterly aware, but sometimes there are a few small things that could cheer us up, like buying that little something for ourselves.

Thankfully, our atelier designed our cute and cozy knits that many of you have already acquired. They are perfect for everyday whether you're self-isolating or going regularly to work. You can pair them with all types of clothing and with their matching pants or cardigans as well.

But hey, our designing team went that extra mile and made some pairing scrunchies as well. Isn't that great?
The best part? You will all get your matching scrunchie for free with your knit order.

Make sure to scroll down & click the combination you like for some ideas on how to wear them. Don't forget to place your order in time for Christmas!


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