Influencers Wearing VH

We are half way this rollercoaster season already, so we thought it is about time to collect all the evidence and present the facts to you. What did our favourite fashion influencers chose to wear from our Fall-Winter "Contemporary Reformation" Collection and how did they style their pieces. Continue reading below...

Souzana chose the most perfect cuddly cardigan for her home quarantine days. It can be easily paired with sweatpants or leggings, but also with a cute dress for a dinner party for two.

Fani acts like a girlboss and definitely is one, especially when wearing our chocolate power suit with our knit yellow crop top. This look is great for super formal occasions, but you can also make it more "hip" with a pair or biker boots like Fani. Be bold, make a statement. 


Our beloved Ifigeneia attracts all eyes thanks to her quirky characteristics and big smile. She wore her total vegan leather set with greatness and a pair of pumps, proving that pumps are not dead yet. Thanks ifi for the amazing inspiration.

Stephanie wore one of our favourite pieces of the season. This dress took lots of craftmanship to be sewed and the result is dashing, especially when worn by a classy lady. You can always put your classic pumps or a pair of rock boots like Steph did. The choice is yours.


Marketa recreated with utter success a 90's inspired look, but with a twist. Yes she wore the mini plaid skirt with the blue turtleneck sweater and those perfectly shaded boots for mixing some 70's vibes and voila. she is the sexiest, but classiest fashion gal out there. 




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