Cozy At Home

Cozy at home

It is time for a reality check: We are undoubtedly staying at home for the next weeks (or who knows, maybe months) in order to stay safe and prevent ourselves from getting sick. We know, this pandemic is driving everyone crazy and uncertain of what the future holds, but it is highly important to stay sane, safe and healthy. 

 Our team never stops working, even from home, so you can have the greatest looks outside and inside the house. We have gathered up our line of extremely soft and warm pieces of clothing, in order to inspire you and maybe cheer you up a little. Read below and find out more about our cozy clothing.

Oversized Cardigan

 Our favourite Creamy Oversized Cardigan with the beautiful beaded fabric is a manifesto. And nearly sold out already, thanks to its coziness and stylish character. You can throw it over your sweatpants or a pair of jeans to achieve the cocooning look that you've wanted.

Fleece Jacket

A different shade of blue won our hearts, while designing Contemporary Reformation and we decided that it would look great on a Fleece Oversized Jacket. Well, apparently, this oversized jacket is ideal for wrapping yourself in when you're looking for a cozy home outfit. Whether you're working on a zoom meeting or doing chores, it's perfect. Make it yours here.

Grey Cape

Another fleece creation
was put into our collection for Fall, but this time we chose a cape pattern. A beautifully designed piece was created by our atelier in order to provide you with warm looks. The hoodie adds some vibe, but it certainly remains another piece of clothing to wear all day and remain cozy and relaxed. Don't miss it!

For the wild souls out there, who wish to add a wilderness to their everyday looks, our animal print cardigan is perfect for them. You can pair it with your plain black leggings or your jeans. Still not enough? You can choose our wrap-around dress made from the same fabric for a total dynamic look. Shop our cardigan & dress here.





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